University of Oxford Physics Newsletter Spring 2016

May 2016: this is the 8th newsletter that I have designed for the University of Oxford’s Physics Department. It is 24 pages A4. Catherine Charnock Creative did the design as well as some editing, copy-editing and proofreading.




Centre for Criminology Alumni Stories

Feb 2016: 36 page brochure containing Alumni Stories from the University of Oxford’s Centre for Criminology.

Catherine Charnock Creative managed the whole process from start to finish, including designing the brochure, proofreading and purchasing environmentally-friendly waterless printing. We printed 500 copies.

From a design perspective the project was challenging in that some of the Alumni sent in very nice photos of themselves, while others were not as good quality, and some have no photo at all. I came up with a flexible and fun “panel” layout to maximise the impact from the best photographs while using playful design and graphic elements where photos had to be used small, or were lacking. Displaying all the photos in greyscale, and limiting the colour palette to three main colours helped to unify the brochure. The use of transparency blend modes added interest and additional tints and shades.

My client said: “Thanks for all your work, too. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and it’s been great to work with you.”
Dr Ben Bradford, Departmental Lecturer in Criminology, Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford, February 2016


Centre for Criminology Alumni Stories 36 page brochure designed by Catherine Charnock Creative

Centre for Criminology Alumni Stories 36 page brochure designed by Catherine Charnock Creative


Click here to view brochure

European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy 2015 Collaborative Congress Programme Book

Sept 2015: An 80 page A5 book produced by Catherine Charnock Creative for the 2015 Congress of the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT), in collaboration with the Finnish Society for Gene Therapy (FSGT). The congress was held in Helsinki and for the design we took inspiration from the city and its design icons including Alvar Aalto and Marimekko. The emphasis was on fun, colourful, minimalist design to create an engaging and eye catching programme book. The book was perfect bound and printed in Helsinki.

In addition to the Programme Book, we designed a lot of other materials including display banners, web banners, outdoor signage, invitations, as well as the cover for the Congress’s Abstracts Book (see image below).

Cover design for Abstracts Book for ESGCT 2015 Congress in collaboration with the Finnish Society of Gene Therapy

Cover design for Abstracts Book for ESGCT 2015 Congress in collaboration with the Finnish Society of Gene Therapy

Physics Department Newsletter – Autumn 2015

October 2015: 24 page newsletter for the University of Oxford’s Physics Department. This is the 7th issue that Catherine Charnock Creative has designed. The newsletter has been so successful that the Physics Department is now publishing two newsletters a year. You can see the previous issue here.

Have a look – page 17 is my favourite!

Faculty of Classics 2015 Newsletter

Oct 2015: 16 page newsletter for the Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford. We continued the look and feel established in the 2014 newsletter, but reduced it to 16 pages as it was being mailed with Oxford Today, the University’s Alumni Magazine.

University of Oxford Physics Department Newsletter – Spring 2015

May 2015: Sixth edition of the Physics Department Newsletter is hot off the press! All about Quantum Computing (I admit the equations in the first article were a bit of a challenge!) – the design was done to match the look and feel of previous issues, which you can view here:

Autumn 2014 Newsletter
Spring 2014 Newsletter

Page 17 was quite fun too!

Earthwatch 2014 Annual Review

April 2015: 24 page Annual Review for Earthwatch Institute. The design was inspired by Earthwatch Australia’s Annual Review – creating a continuation of the Earthwatch brand. We used large images to add maximum impact and make the Annual Review inviting to read. We also repurposed the final design to be viewed on a Tablet.

Social Mobility Foundation 2014 Annual Review

March 2015: 24 page A4 Annual Review for the Social Mobility Foundation. Catherine Charnock Creative designed the Review from concept to delivery. The Social Mobility Foundation wanted to build on the existing branding that we have established over the last year or two (see 2013 Annual Review and Guide for Employers and Parents and Carers’ Guide), but also introduce more illustrations and infographics.

Catherine Charnock Creative also handled the print buying, ensuring that the Review was printed to a high standard on FSC certified, uncoated stock.

Oxfordshire Science Festival 2015 Booklet

Feb 2015: Things have been crazy busy here at Catherine Charnock Creative! Hot off the press is the Oxfordshire Science Festival’s 2015 booklet (see below): 25000 copies printed and distributed throughout Oxfordshire. The Festival is packed full of fascinating events – don’t miss it!

We decided to change the design format for this year, opting for a 24 page A5 self cover booklet. See previous year’s flyer designs and poster designs here. The cover images have come out really well – very vibrant colour! Catherine Charnock Creative handled the design from concept to delivery, designed the “Ox-On!” logo and drew the fun doodles inside. This was the ultimate in fun design: have a look!

Also read here what the Co-ordinator of the Oxfordshire Science Festival said afterwards.

Faculty of Law Student Profile Books

Nov 2014: Two profile books (20 pages and 60 pages) for the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Law. The project was carried out in three stages: the preliminary design stage, where the files were set up and the styles agreed; then inputting the text, which was only available once the students had been accepted onto the courses; and finally the student photos, which were taken by a professional photographer at the start of term. The books can be viewed on the Law Faculty’s website, here:

MLF Profile: Class of 2014/15

and here:

BCL/MJUR Profile: Class of 2014/15

Faculty of Law Profile Books 2014

Faculty of Law Profile Books 2014