ESGCT The Hague Congress Programme Book

Nov 2014: 80 page conference programme book for the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy’s annual conference, which was held in collaboration with the Dutch Society of Gene and Cell Therapy in October 2014. The A5 book contains the full conference programme and also a shorter programme at a glance, as well as information about sponsors and their advertisements, and visiting The Hague. This project is a technical challenge, as the book contains a lot of cross-references and there are changes to the programme right up until the last minute. It was printed on FSC certified paper, with a gloss laminated outer cover and perfect binding.

The Social Mobility Foundation: A Guide for Employers and Professionals

Aug 2014: Just published: 8 page 210mm square brochure for the Social Mobility Foundation. The SMF wanted a professional looking brochure that they can send to businesses with whom they work. I did the print buying for the project, which was printed on a beautiful, 100% recycled uncoated stock. The brochure was designed using the SMF’s colours, to be in keeping with the SMF’s Annual Review, and the Parent and Carers’ Guide but with a more corporate feel.

You can download the brochure here, or view it onscreen below.

Earthwatch 2013 Annual Review

July 2014 – I recently completed Earthwatch’s 2013 Annual Review. It is a 24 page A4 publication, digitally printed by Seacourt Press. I provided design and proofreading services, and also created a portrait version customised for viewing on an iPad. The colours and hexagon shape reflect the Earthwatch brand.

University of Oxford Physics Newsletter Spring 2014 Issue 4

May 2014: I recently completed the fourth annual Physics Newsletter. Having had a similar design for three years, we decided to freshen the look and feel for the fourth edition, creating a more “magazine style” newsletter. I changed the grid structure to allow for more white space on the page, and designed a magazine-style cover. I also updated the colour palette, while maintaining the Department’s main colour brand.

You can download a pdf here.

Or click on the image below to view it on screen.

Apr 2014: SMF Parent, Carer and Sibling Guide 2014

An 8 page A5 Guide for the Social Mobility Foundation. I designed the first Guide and then versioned it for a different aspect of their Programme, producing two Guides. The style was in keeping with their Annual Review and Employers’ Guide.

University of Oxford Physics Undergraduate Brochure for entry in 2015

Apr 2014: 12 page brochure for the University of Oxford Physics Dept. We kept the same overall design as the previous year, just updating the students’ photos and quotes. The helped to keep the overall project cost low. Once again I used Photoshop filters to produce some nice image overlays. The brochure was printed on 100% recycled, FSC certified paper.

ESGCT Publicity Pack

Apr 14: The European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy needed a publicity document that they could send by email to present and prospective members, as well as sponsors and advertisers.

I chose a shape that would be easily viewed on screens, tablets and hand held devices, limiting the text on each screen for maximum legibility and impact.

The vector drawings (grey and yellow watermarks) are ones that I created as part of the ESGCT brand.

The document also makes for a good powerpoint presentation.

Download the pdf here: ESGCT Publicity Brochure

ESGCT Publicity Brochure p4

ESGCT Publicity Brochure p4

ESGCT Publicity Brochure p7

ESGCT Publicity Brochure p7

ESGCT Publicity Brochure p5

ESGCT Publicity Brochure p5

MLF Profile – Class of 2013/14

Jan 2014: 16 page self cover A4 Book for the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Law.

See also the BCL/MJUR Profile Book.

Faculty of Law BCL/MJUR Profile Book Class 2013

Jan 2014: A 36 page A4 Book. The design was based on previous years’ profile books, but we adjusted the layout, headers and footers, fonts and colours to freshen the design and make it our own.

See also Faculty of Law MLF Profile Book.

Social Mobility Foundation Annual Review 2013

April 2014: This is a really fun one – look inside! A 28 page Annual Review for the SMF. I did the design and the SMF sorted out the print buying themselves. I really enjoyed working on this project!

I have also designed two A5 booklets, a “Parent Carer and Sibling Guide” using the same look and feel, and also an 8 page brochure: The Social Mobility Foundation: A Guide for Employers and Professionals.