Physics Department Newsletter – Autumn 2015

October 2015: 24 page newsletter for the University of Oxford’s Physics Department. This is the 7th issue that Catherine Charnock Creative has designed. The newsletter has been so successful that the Physics Department is now publishing two newsletters a year. You can see the previous issue here.

Have a look – page 17 is my favourite!

Faculty of Classics 2015 Newsletter

Oct 2015: 16 page newsletter for the Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford. We continued the look and feel established in the 2014 newsletter, but reduced it to 16 pages as it was being mailed with Oxford Today, the University’s Alumni Magazine.

Physics Industrial Project Programme

June 2015: The University of Oxford’s Physics Department asked Catherine Charnock Creative to design and produce a leaflet to advertise their Industrial Projects Programme. The Programme links third year Physics students with high tech companies to promote skill sharing and networking and enable the students to gain useful real-world experience, while the companies gain links with bright students and potential high-quality recruits. The brief was for the leaflet to be accessible to all levels of company employee and to have a “high tech” feel, while showing Oxford students at work. Catherine Charnock Creative fused vector elements with equations and typography to create a simple but striking leaflet. It was printed by Seacourt to the highest environmental standards and quality.
Click here to download a pdf.

Physics Industrial Project Programme Leaflet

Physics Industrial Project Programme Leaflet A4 folding DL (front view)

Physics Industrial Project Programme Leaflet A4 folding DL

Back view

Physics Industrial Project Programme Leaflet A4 folding DL

Inside spread

WildKnowledge Leaflet

June 2015: WildKnowledge asked Catherine Charnock Creative to design a leaflet using the assets they had commissioned for an animated film. The assets were created by HomeĀ®. Catherine Charnock Creative designed the leaflet and handled the print buying, ensuring the leaflet was produced in an environmentally friendly way, to the highest standards, with the lowest possible carbon footprint. The resulting leaflet is being sent to every state school in the UK.

Click on the images for a closer look.

WildKnowledge Leaflet

WildKnowledge Leaflet, A4 folding DL

WildKnowledge Leaflet

WildKnowledge Leaflet

University of Oxford Physics Department Newsletter – Spring 2015

May 2015: Sixth edition of the Physics Department Newsletter is hot off the press! All about Quantum Computing (I admit the equations in the first article were a bit of a challenge!) – the design was done to match the look and feel of previous issues, which you can view here:

Autumn 2014 Newsletter
Spring 2014 Newsletter

Page 17 was quite fun too!

Earthwatch 2014 Annual Review

April 2015: 24 page Annual Review for Earthwatch Institute. The design was inspired by Earthwatch Australia’s Annual Review – creating a continuation of the Earthwatch brand. We used large images to add maximum impact and make the Annual Review inviting to read. We also repurposed the final design to be viewed on a Tablet.

Social Mobility Foundation 2014 Annual Review

March 2015: 24 page A4 Annual Review for the Social Mobility Foundation. Catherine Charnock Creative designed the Review from concept to delivery. The Social Mobility Foundation wanted to build on the existing branding that we have established over the last year or two (see 2013 Annual Review and Guide for Employers and Parents and Carers’ Guide), but also introduce more illustrations and infographics.

Catherine Charnock Creative also handled the print buying, ensuring that the Review was printed to a high standard on FSC certified, uncoated stock.

Fun fun fun! Surface Pattern Design

April 2015: On top of a crazy workload I am also doing a course entitled “The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design”. It’s been tricky to fit it all in (and I have some catching up to do) but I’ve been immersed in the world of Surface Pattern Design, and practising my Illustrator skills. Just started on Module 3 and loving it!

FreshWaterWatch Exhibition Stand

January 2015: Earthwatch asked me to design an Exhibition Stand for their FreshWaterWatch programme. The c.2×3 metre curved stand was designed on a tight timeframe and printed in time for an Educational event in January. Click on the image for a closer look.

Click here to see another exhibition stand recently designed for WildKnowledge.

FreshWaterWatch Exhibition Stand

FreshWaterWatch Exhibition Stand

WildKnowledge Exhibition Stand

Jan 2015: Just before Christmas I was approached by the Managing Director of WildKnowledge, asking if I could design an exhibition stand for a trade show in early January. WildKnowledge already had an animation designed, and wanted the assets from this animation used to create a backdrop for the trade show.

Using the Illustrator files provided (see snapshot at bottom of this post), I took elements from the original animation and assembled them into the exhibition stand (see top image). Some needed a bit of tweaking and altering to bring the composition together.

The whole project was turned around in about a week, and sent to print in time for the show in early January. You can read here what the MD said afterwards. Click on the images for a closer look.

Or click here to see another Exhibition stand recently designed for Earthwatch.

WildKnowledge Exhibition Stand

WildKnowledge Exhibition Stand

WildKnowledge Original Storyboards

Original animation storyboards